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Elvis Presley - Moody Blue (CD, Expanded Version)
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(2000/RCA) 19 tracks (62:26) with 8 page booklet. EU pressing - ´Moody Blue´ the last album released during Elvis´ lifetime. It appeared some twenty-one years after his first epochal album and had been on the market just two months when the world was stunned by the news of his death. Despite his well-publicized personal problems, Elvis´ musical vision was remarkably intact at the end. ´Moody Blue´ was Country, Pop, and R&B. Elvis was combining and reinterpreting the textures of the music he loved. The first album had been no less than that; ´Moody Blue´ held fast to his credo. During Elvis´ last years, RCA found it all but impossible to get their reluctant superstar into a studio. Elvis seemed wearied by the prospect of meeting the commitment of two albums and four singles a year called for under his 1973 contract.Too often, producer Felton Jarvis had to rely on ´´live´´ recordings to satisfy the quota. Indeed, four of the original ten recordings on MOODY BLUE were live. One of those original ten recordings, ´´Let Me Be There,´´ has been omitted from this upgrade because it appeared earlier on ´Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis´. In its place are the ten additional recordings from the last eighteen months of Elvis´ life, first released on ´From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee´. Colin Escott (from the liner notes)

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