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Musical Mania als eBook Download von Jane Minshull
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Musical Mania: Jane Minshull

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As a young schoolboy, David Essex dreamed of becoming a professional footballer and was signed up by his beloved West Ham United. But as a teenager, he developed a passion for music, which set him on a very different path, and ultimately led to superstardom. It wasn´t, however, an easy start. Scraping a living on the edges of show business was a hard slog, and he endured many disappointments. Then, aged 23, he went along to an audition for a new musical called Godspell and won the role (Jesus) that shot him to fame. Within a year he was starring in a smash hit film, That´ll Be the Day, and had written and recorded his first number-one single, ´Rock On´. It was the start of Essex Mania, and a long journey of undreamt of adventure. From Godspell to EastEnders, it´s been an amazing life. And here is David´s full incredible story - in his own words. 1. Language: English. Narrator: David Essex. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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