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Embark on a voyage of discovery with this captivating collection of 14 new Pacific Preludes from the creator of Microjazz, inspired by traditional music from the shores of the world’s largest ocean. Explore the rich and varied musical landscape of the Pacific Rim as each Prelude weaves together native themes from countries including Australia, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Japan, Peru, New Zealand and the United States of America with Christopher Norton’s characteristically innovative popular music styles. Ideal for intermediate to advanced-level keyboard players, these pieces are perfect for the concert platform, as well as providing excellent teaching material. An accompanying CD puts each Prelude on the map with stylish demonstration performances by Iain Farrington.Anching (Philippines)Cielito Lindo (Mexico)El Guapango Chorotega (Honduras)La Trastrasera (Chile)Mi Palomita (Peru)Mo Li Hua (China)Now is the Hour (New Zealand)Oy, de ne vecher (Russia)Parranda Campesina (Colombia)Pokarekare Ana (New Zealand) Son de la Catarina (Guatemala)Sweet Betsy from Pike (United States of America)Thanh Hien (Vietnam)Waltzing Matilda (Australia)

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