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Die Brücken am Fluss - Musical von Jason Robert...
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Inszenierung und Choreografie Craig Simmons Musikalische Leitung Andreas Unsicker Ausstattung Esther Bätschmann Theater für Niedersachsen (Hildesheim) Fotograf Robert ist für eine Reportage unterwegs, um die überdachten Brücken in Madison County zu fotografieren. Auf der Suche nach einer dieser Brücken trifft er Francesca, deren Mann zusammen mit den Kindern für einige Tage auf Reisen ist. Aus dem zufälligen Treffen der beiden wird eine schicksalhafte Begegnung. Vom ersten Augenblick an besteht zwischen Francesca und Robert eine ganz besondere Verbindung: Aus Seelenverwandtschaft wird Liebe. Es steht für Francesca die Frage im Raum, ob sie ihr sorgsam eingerichtetes Leben mit Mann und Kindern hinter sich lassen soll, um fortan mit Robert durch die Welt zu reisen, oder ob alles so bleiben soll, wie es ist ? eine schwere Entscheidung. ?Ich habe geliebt und lieb? noch heute und werde es immer tun. Denn Liebe ist immer besser?, ist eines der vielen bekannten Filmzitate: Basierend auf dem Roman von Robert James Waller, wurde die Verfilmung mit Meryl Streep und Clint Eastwood 1995 weltberühmt. Für die Musicaladaption schrieb der Komponist Jason Robert Brown eine Musik mit großen, gefühlvollen Melodien. 2014 erhielt er für DIE BRÜCKEN AM FLUSS zwei Tony Awards. Die Fachpresse lobte die ?schwelgerische, packende Komposition? mit ?lyrischen, weit gespannten Melodiebögen, beschwingten Walzern, elaborierten Grooves, Anklängen italienischer Folklore und einer Prise Country.?

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Ace Cannon - Memphis Golden Hits (LP)
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(Hi Records) 12 tracks - Re-issue of the original 1968 ´Hi´ LP album Ace Cannon. one of the great saxophonists in the U. S. today. has put together a stirring album of hit songs that were recorded in Memphis. The total result is a highly pleasing collection of tunes with a special sound unlike any produced by any other artist. It is significant in American music that twenty years and more ago. all new music trends and sounds and songs came from New York´s ´Tin Pan Alley.´ But since the end of World War II, all important innovations and trends in American music have sprung from the ´grass roots´ of our nation. Ace Cannon has been an important part of this musical evolution. By the time he was playing in his high school band at Memphis. Tenn.. he was expert at playing music as it is written-something he doesn´t do now. That is the major difference in the New York recording studio and the Memphis recording studio. New York musicians play music as it is written. Cannon plays it as he feels it without a lead sheet before him. Cannon can play from the music sheet. But he plays best by closing his eyes and playing from his mind and heart and soul. After school. Cannon gained experience playing club dates in Memphis. A few years later Bill Black´s Combo signed him and the combo turned out a long string of hit singles and albums. Cannon´s sterling talent was recognized by Hi Rec-ords, which produced Bill Black´s Combo´s recordings. Hi signed Cannon as a recording artist and his first single, ´Tuff´ shot immediately up the popularity charts and he was a name in the musical firmament. Cannon´s extremely fine style has improved as he has turned out hit after hit. In this album. he turns his alto sax loose with abandon and achieves the ultimate from his instru-ment without a trace of strain. Below is a listing of the Mem-phis hits he plays in this album and the artists who originally recorded them ´Last Night´ by the Markeys: ´Wooly Bully,´ Sam the Sham: ´Haunted House,´ Gene Simmons; ´Raunchy.´ Bill Justis; ´20-75.´ Willie Mitchell; ´Green Onions,´ Booker T. and the MGs: ´Tuff.´ Cannon´s first release: ´Walkin´ the Dog.´ Rufus Thomas: ´In the Midnight Hour.´ Wilson Pickett: ´Baby. Let´s Play House.´ Elvis Presley; ´White Silver Sands.´ Dave Gardner (Bill Black´s Combo´s version of this was a million seller): and ´I Walk the Line.´ Johnny Cash. Cannon comes through with a masterful job on each. His brilliant manipulation of keys on ´Walkin´ the Dog´ is not something just any saxaphone player can do. His delightful 1920s style on ´Baby, Let´s Play House´ is just right. I was impressed by his impeccable style, tonal quality and intensity of delivery on all the songs. Cannon can play any kind of music. His clarity and vi-brancy comes through whether he is on record or before a live audience. If you have seen and heard him live, you know he builds a rapport with his audience by his compelling play. Memphis has been in the music news internationally lately with its soul sound. Actually this is recognition long over-due. Cannon has been playing this type of music for several years. This album comes at an opportune time because Can-non uses his great talent to give recognition to Memphis. beginning with Elvis Presley, who started in 1954. to the present. Cannon´s outstanding attributes as an artist are purity of tone. integrity of rendition and flawless phrasing. Moreover. his feel and style and talent puts him in a place by himself. I think you will agree after hearing this album.

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3 Kings , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 514min
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Tracing the careers of hip-hop´s three most dynamic stars, this deeply reported history brilliantly examines the entrepreneurial genius of the first musician tycoons: Diddy, Dr. Dre, and Jay-Z Being successful musicians was simply never enough for the three kings of hip-hop. Diddy, Dr. Dre, and Jay-Z lifted themselves from childhood adversity into tycoon territory, amassing levels of fame and wealth that not only outshone all other contemporary hip-hop artists, but with a combined net worth of well over two billion dollars made them the three richest American musicians, period. Yet their fortunes have little to do with selling their own albums: between Diddy´s Ciroc vodka, Dre´s three billion dollar sale of his Beats headphones to Apple, and Jay-Z´s Tidal streaming service and other assets, these artists have transcended pop music fame to become lifestyle icons and moguls. Hip-hop is no longer just a musical genre; it´s become a way of life that encompasses fashion, film, food, drink, sports, electronics, and more - one that has opened new paths to profit and to critical and commercial acclaim. Thanks in large part to the Three Kings - who all started their own record labels and released classic albums before moving on to become multifaceted businessmen - hip-hop has been transformed from a genre spawned in poverty into a truly global multibillion-dollar industry. These men are the modern embodiment of the American Dream, but their stories as great thinkers and entrepreneurs have yet to be told in full. Based on a decade of reporting, and interviews with more than 100 sources including hip-hop pioneers Russell Simmons and Fab 5 Freddy; new-breed executives like former Def Jam chief Kevin Liles and venture capitalist Troy Carter; and stars from Swizz Beatz to Shaquille O´Neal, 3 Kings tells the fascinating story of the rise and rise of the three most influential musicians in America. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Matt Amendt. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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